International Research Journal of Tamil International Research Journal of Tamil its a Quarterly open access journal At this moment, there is a need for quality international research in Tamil to promote Tamil research, We have arranged for the free publication of quality articles to be accepted in our Journal. IOR PRESS en-US International Research Journal of Tamil 2582-1113 Environmental Awareness on Water in Eight Anthologies <p>Eight Anthologies (Also known as Ettuthogai) of the Sangam literature had a clear knowledge of water management. Sangam Period people were living in a natural way. The population was low and industries were low and pollution was low. In this region, the Sangam people live in reservoirs of water in rainforests, waterfalls, spring, Torrents, rivers, natural ponds, ponds and wells. Even those days the researchers have recorded the status of water pollution in Eight Anthologies. Natural resources are being destroyed due to the greed of the people who exploit the wealth of the land, water, fire, air and ether provided to man by the five natural elements. So the only way to recover from this situation is to preserve the water resource by presenting the importance of water to the younger generation about the consequences.</p> Regina B Copyright (c) 2020 IOR PRESS 2020-01-09 2020-01-09 2 1 1 42 10.34256/irjt2011