Vol. 3 No. 2 (2021): Volume 3, Issue 2, Year 2021

Pranayama boost Immunity

Maheswari S
Department of Human Excellence, Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College, Pollachi-642001, Tamil Nadu, India.

Published 2021-03-03


  • Pranayama,
  • Ashtanga Yoga,
  • Art of Yoga,
  • Breathing Exercise

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S, M. (2021). Pranayama boost Immunity. International Research Journal of Tamil, 3(2), 11-17. https://doi.org/10.34256/irjt2122

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Every human on the is to develop knowledge in order to experience happiness satisfaction and peace. All living being draw life force from the comic naturally. Man exists by transforming the natural resources into things of use and comfort with the help of his skills and knowledge which is an art. Pranayama refers to the breathing techniques which cleans our Respiratory track and boost up the immune system. It is the dynamic bridge between body and mind. It brings the energy under the control and stabilise the flow of air into our body. Through which the body can observe the sufficient level of oxygen and improves the immune intelligence. This article discusses the importance and necessity of Pranayama practice in Ashtanga yoga for the human body and mind.


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