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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2021): Volume 3, Issue 1, Year 2021

The Human Investment in Local Art Entrepreneurship: A Study Based on Palm Products

Chandrakumar S
Department of Fine Arts, Eastern University, Vantharumoolai, Sri Lanka.

Published 2020-12-10


  • Human resource,
  • Art Entrepreneurship,
  • Palm products,
  • Mechanization,
  • Consumption

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S, C. (2020). The Human Investment in Local Art Entrepreneurship: A Study Based on Palm Products. International Research Journal of Tamil, 3(1), 82-98.

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There is an illusion in the neoliberal world that only when the production is implemented through mechanization there will be growth and progress. Because of this reason, people have become consumables, and the trend and uniqueness to think and act upon one's own has become rare. In addition to this, the production of machineries affects the environment and human life, and it costs a lot of money to get rid of these affects. Nevertheless, when the human resource and its effort are utilized, the aspects such as self-thinking, researching skills, sensible creative arts without having vague ideas are developed. Further, this leads to increase the connection with the producers and to enhance the environment friendly situation.  It is important to know that these kinds of sustainable local employments exist in our socio-cultural space. The entrepreneurship through palm products is significant among them. These salable products are closely connected to the life of the people.  This production is done using the skills of the people within the village according to the level of requirement and it is also done in the Palm products production centers through government Departments.  This is being carried out in our area where the palm resources exist. It is vital to have self-confidence, diligence and aim in the local art entrepreneurship.  In this activity, the situation where there was sharing, directly selling the products to the consumers have changed to a situation where the capitalists purchase the products. The initiation of human involvement is clearly exposed in the trend of entrepreneurship of palm products. This study is based on the expression of this art entrepreneurship in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.


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