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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2021): Volume 3, Issue 1, Year 2021

Women in Pulavar Kulanthai’s Ravana Kaviyam

Gurumoorthy A
Department of Tamil, Sri Vasavi College, Erode-638316, Tamil Nadu, India.

Published 2021-01-28


  • Ravana kaviyam,
  • Rama and Sita,
  • Kambar,
  • Periyar,
  • Pulavar Kulanthai

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A, G. (2021). Women in Pulavar Kulanthai’s Ravana Kaviyam. International Research Journal of Tamil, 3(1), 181-188.

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‘Porul Thodarnilai Ceyyul’ was the name given to epic before the word kāppiyam came into existence. Tamil lexicon refers ‘kāppiyam’ as Sanskrit term. Kāvyam is the word used by Sanskrit scholars for ‘kāviyam’. Ravana Kāviyam written by Pulavar Kulanthai consists of 56 padalams (Chapters) of 2828 Viruttangal i.e., poems. He adopts the story of Ramayana as it is. He is a person who follows Periyar’s ideology of self-respect, feminism etc. His passion for Tamil makes him write many of his creative writings. Periyar advised women to learn all arts, particularly the art of self-defence. Kambar had depicted Sita as Rama’s wife in his epic. The relationship of Rama and Sita varies in various Ramayanas available in India. Ravana kāviyam doesn’t deviate from the parameters of epic. It stands within its grammar. Pulavar Kulanthai portraits women characters with dignity modesty of women.


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