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Vol. 3 No. S-2 (2021): Volume 3, Issue S-2, Year 2021

Mother Goddess Worship in Ancient Tamil Literature

Mariswari V
Department of Tamil, E.M.Gopalakrishna Kone Yadava Women’s College, Madurai-625014, Tamil Nadu, India.

Published 2021-04-30


  • Vedic principles,
  • Sangam literary,
  • Epic literature,
  • Nilakesi

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V, M. (2021). Mother Goddess Worship in Ancient Tamil Literature. International Research Journal of Tamil, 3(S-2), 72-76.

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An ancient Tamil people worship begin from nature; Even though the first worship starts from women, women become as a God for their extreme quality of maternity. In ancient Tamil literature (Sangam Literature, Epic literature, Nilakesi etc.), the Number of evidences are found for the mother Goddess worship of ancient Tamil peoples. This Research articles give detailed explanation about the mother Goddess worship. The aim and objectines of this article is to find out the mother Goddess worship with the evidences of ancient Tamil Literature. In this research articles Descriptive Criticism, Historical Criticism and Analytical Criticism are applied.


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