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Vol. 3 No. 4 (2021): Volume 3, Issue 4, Year 2021

Soil and Traditions in Kurunthagai

Sathasivam R
Department of Tamil Studies, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India

Published 2021-10-01


  • Soil and heritage,
  • Kurunji soil and heritage,
  • Mullai soil and heritage,
  • Marutham soil and heritage,
  • Neithal soil and heritage

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R, S. (2021). Soil and Traditions in Kurunthagai. International Research Journal of Tamil, 3(4), 167-172.

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Kurunthogai poems have spoken a lot about the soil and people of ancient Tamil Nadu. Soil and soil based biological traditions have become the subject of the song. Soil is not only a dwelling place in a material State but can also occur as an object o ownership. The human race, which has constructed its life from the life of an animal, has made safe places its habitat like that of animals. His wild life set the stage for the ariliseel beginning of human life. The man who started lring down the mountain took the forest as his abode. It was through the mangroves that mankind reached the pinnacle of civilization, creating the art of taming the forest. The coastline, which is a see and sea-based place is greatly depicted in the contest of the weaving land. The area where the soil is found to be less suitable for human habitation is causing the sand duties to be evacuated by the dairy people thus murder and robbery are shown as normal occurrences in the region.


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