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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2022): Volume 4, Issue 1, Year 2022

Space and Language of Women

Vijayalakshmi T
Department of Tamil, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram-695581, Kerala, India.

Published 2021-12-10


  • Gender,
  • Body Politics,
  • Gendered Language,
  • Visual Language,
  • Space,
  • Marginalised,
  • Feminism,
  • Language Construction
  • ...More

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T, V. (2021). Space and Language of Women. International Research Journal of Tamil, 4(1), 44-54.

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Language is an active media to register all the human activities in its core and insist people to strictly act and think according to those frameworks in the language. We can notice the micro politics of the dominance of power and inability of slavery in the language. In the medium of language, we can see the elements of dominance in the form of caste, religion, politics, economics...etc but the elements of gender dominance in the language is more evident than other things. Women gender are totally unaware of those gender discriminated language elements in a common language. This article emphasizes how to eliminate male gender dominated elements in a language and the need to mould a gender-neutral language. And also tried to point out the space restrictions put on female gender and impact of the restrictions recorded in a language.


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