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Their prescriptions were analyzed from a scientific perspective based on its composition, consumption, regional prevalence, processing techniques etc and their significance of incorporating them in present day diet modifications for major and minor illnesses. In present scenario customized dietary therapy is being highly recommended for various illnesses upon diagnosing the cause and to effectively recover optimal health. Hence the study is felt necessary and need of the hour to revive our historical culinary recipes/ practices for a healthier society.</p> Chellam N, Uma Mageshwari S Copyright (c) 2021 Chellam N, Uma Mageshwari S Thu, 13 May 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Omen - a word and its meaning <p>Words are always coined, and the people accept them as per the circumstances. Some of those words are used in the literature. Many words which are used in literature become obsolete. Even so, some words are still used by the people. In that sense, the word <strong><em>nimittam,</em></strong> which means Omen, has been used by people from ancient times. This research aims to explore the meaning of the word with its different terminologies. Books such as Tolkappiyam, Silappathikaram, Perungkatai and Kambaramayanam mention that the purpose of the word is to say what will happen in the future. The word is also used in other forms such as Nimittu, nimittiyam. Cakuṉam, puḷ, kuṟi, cōtiṭam, ētu, cōtaṉam are the synonyms of this word. Duraisamy Pillai comments, the word sakunam is derived from sokinam. It can be seen that the word sakunam refers first to the bird and then to the sakunam associated with the bird and all sorts of sakunam (omens) throughout the time. Bull, another word, is used by the people of ancient times. This word denotes the name of this bird, which has been mentioned in ancient Tamil literature such as Naṟṟiṇai, puṟanāṉūṟu, perumpāṇāṟṟuppaṭai, malaipaṭukaṭām Later, like the word sakunam, it denotes the signs of bird, after some time, it is named for all kinds of signs. One can see the use of the word in Kalingathu Parani. Thus this article tries to explore the various terms which mean nimittam.</p> Karumbayiram S Copyright (c) 2021 Karumbayiram S Tue, 15 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Grammatical Policies in the Texts of Thiru.Vi.Ka. <p>Attempts to enrich the language, such as composing new texts in the mother tongue, interpreting old texts, and quoting its glories. In this way, literatures in Tamil language are appearing from time to time.Through those discourses, each reveals his unique talents to this world and becomes the escapee of Tamilnadu. He has volunteered for the development of the Tamil language through speeches, writings, works and magazines. Among them, the grammar of Apper Feet's claim that 'my debt is to be done' is Tamilthenral Thiru.Vi.Ka.Literary and grammatical texts also need to be studied in today's context where research is being performed from many different angles in many fields. Among them in Tamil ‘Thiru.Vi.Ka.‘s prose style’ was created by his prose texts and literary texts are numerous.Through them one can know the textual principles of Thiru.Vi.Ka. The purpose of this study is to examine the grammatical principles found in the literary texts written by him, such as Karaikkalammaiyar Thirumurai - Note, Pattinathar Songs - Viruthiyurai, Thirukkural - Lecture.</p> Poongothai Priya T Copyright (c) 2021 Poongothai Priya T Thu, 13 May 2021 00:00:00 +0000 History of Tamil literature formed in the context of the reign <p>In human society, from the time of the Sangam to this period, politics can be bound up with social life. Accordingly, literature and grammars were developed. Through these, it would be appropriate to know the history of literature and the great social history of literature. In the early days, Jaffna Kasichetti, M.S. People like Purnalingampillai have recorded the basis on which the poets write history. After that Ka. Subramaniapillai was the first to write the history of Tamil literature in a literary and century-based content system. He was followed by Sri Lankan V. Selvanayagam was the first to write literary history in a political content manner. After these, he has created a history of Tamil literature from the point of view of the Tamil language. The Sangam period was called the "Dark Ages." Venkataraman mentions. Because of its historical background, the members of the Velar community took possession of the land from the tribal community and made it their own. This shows that they have transformed the tribal community into slaves to themselves. It is noteworthy that the content of literary history is written based on the synthesis code. Following this code, we learn that literary historians have written with an emphasis on social history, political history and time history.</p> Suresh M, Mariappan G Copyright (c) 2021 Suresh M, Mariappan G Tue, 15 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0000