Vol. 5 No. 1 (2023): Volume 5, Issue 1, Year 2023

A Study of the Techniques of Poet Vairamuthu’s Film Songs

Senthil Raja A
Department of Tamil, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Karur-639005, Tamil Nadu, India
Mariammal K
Principal, Government Arts and Science, Lalgudi, Trichy-621712, Tamil Nadu, India

Published 2022-12-01


  • Poet Vairamuthu,
  • lyricist,
  • Film Songs,
  • Strategy and Techniques

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A, S. R., & K, M. (2022). A Study of the Techniques of Poet Vairamuthu’s Film Songs. International Research Journal of Tamil, 5(1), 8-16. https://doi.org/10.34256/irjt2312

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The poets use various techniques in the song to reach out to the people with ease of conveying the idea that has arisen in their hearts. Lyricists are structured to renew themselves each time with the ideas and ideas of the times. Lyricists use strategies to establish themselves and identify themselves uniquely. The main aim of the technique is to inculcate the idea in the minds of the listeners of the song. Strategy plays an important role in beautification in films with many changes over time. In some songs, the method of delivery is better than the content. Ka Pa Aravaanan says, "The content of creation is like the body. But the mode of realization is like life." Poet Vairamuthu has used techniques to improve the quality of his songs as well as to simply convey his point of view. It is evident from his songs that he has employed techniques in his songs to convey the literary influence of Sangam literature, epics, moral stories, legends, epics, etc., to the people.


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