Vol. 4 No. S-24 (2022): Volume 4, Issue S-24, Year 2022

Comparing Kaniyan Koothu (Dramatic Dance) art with Marxist Theory

Vidhya N
Department of Tamil, The American College, (Affliated to Madurai Kamaraj University), Madurai- 625002, Tamil Nadu, India

Published 2022-12-15


  • Kaniyan Koothu,
  • Marxist,
  • Religions,
  • Castes

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N, V. (2022). Comparing Kaniyan Koothu (Dramatic Dance) art with Marxist Theory. International Research Journal of Tamil, 4(S-24), 1-7. https://doi.org/10.34256/irjt224s241

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The Marxist type of materialism is a sociological study based on historical context. These include family, property, state, caste, religion, rituals, art, literature, classes, and social divisions. In a world of biodiversity, the environment in which humans live is extensive. Only men can speak of trades, religions, and castes. When it is accepted that history is for men, riots arise within religion itself. There are divisions, and some communities are oppressed. The oppressed tribes find God through KalaikKoothu and identify their races. Man-made art and literature operate with various techniques. Man is the one who creates the world according to himself. Divisions and rifts arose in society. Society gave way to ups and downs.


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