Vol. 4 No. S-24 (2022): Volume 4, Issue S-24, Year 2022

Vivekananda - Rousseau Philosophy of Education A Comparison

Selvamary P
Department of Tamil, St. Mary's College (Autonomous), Thoothukudi-628001, Tamil Nadu, India

Published 2022-12-15


  • Philosophy,
  • Education,
  • Vivekananda,
  • Teaching

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P, S. (2022). Vivekananda - Rousseau Philosophy of Education A Comparison. International Research Journal of Tamil, 4(S-24), 60-65. https://doi.org/10.34256/irjt224s248

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Education is the tool that helps to change the behavior of every human being, to bring out the potentials and talents that are hidden in him, to know himself and to bring out the complete nature within him. In order to compare the level of education and teaching methods in European countries and in our country, and what scholars think about them, this article is designed under the title of Vivekananda Rousseau's philosophy of education and a comparison. As the first phase of the study, the books related to this article were selected and read. Indian educationist Vivekananda and European educationist Rousseau's educational philosophies, views on education, objectives of education, educational curriculum, child education, female education, teaching methods, teacher's role and unity and diversity in education system have been collected and compared. Also, the state of the education system of that time and the news about the trends of today's education system are also discussed in detail at the end of this article.


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