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Vol. 2 No. 2 (2020): Volume 2, Issue 2, Year 2020

Analyzing the Devotional Biology of Andalusian Lice - A Study

Periyaswamy B
Department of Tamil, DLR Arts and Science College, Villapakkam -632521, Tamil Nadu, India

Published 2020-04-04


  • Andal,
  • Literature,
  • Sixth century,
  • Tamil Bhakti movement

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B, P. (2020). Analyzing the Devotional Biology of Andalusian Lice - A Study. International Research Journal of Tamil, 2(2), 119-130.

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In the liturgy of Andal worship, administrative management is performed to create a plan, place, time, assurance, implementation, and so on. Love is one of the goals that God has set out to accomplish, because both love and devotion are matures of love for God. The love of the head of world relations is pure. Not selfish. Such a state of pure love is rooted in the pastures. Here, after the sixth century AD, vegetarianism had a profound influence on the political and the people. During the Vaishnavas, Thirumangai will become deep. Kulasekera and Alwar were kings. Nevertheless, in Tamil Nadu, the political status of vegetarianism has been very influential. The role of women in the history of the Tamil Bhakti movement was negligible. Andal was the forerunner and foremost of the women's role in their devotional movement. The piety of the year manifested as a deeper love than the piety of the subordinates of his time. He portrayed the romantic feelings of the world in different ways. This expression of sentiment is found in his devotional literature. The love between the leader and the leader evolves into a feeling of devotion to the Lord. Devotional literature regulates man and makes him live. It adheres to the norm with extremes and intuition, and lives from it. A pious morality with a high sense of purpose and a common purpose works in the interests of society. The purpose of this article is to illustrate how the pastures of this year describe the life of piety.


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